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20 Nov 2023 ST.JPG

The Straits Times

Heat strain a threat to construction workers even in cooler weather and out of sun: Study

20 November 2023

Oct 2023 Duke-NUS Magazine.JPG

The Duke-NUS Magazine

Bracing to cool the literal burn-out

October 2023

10 Sep 2023 Lian He Zao Bao.JPG


本地研究:部分慢性病药物 或提高服用者中暑风险

10 September 2023

31 Aug 2023 Washington Post.PNG

The Washington Post

Amid record heat, even indoor factory workers enter dangerous terrain

31 August 2023

15 Aug 2023 NUS Med News.JPG

NUS Med News

Medications for chronic diseases affect the body’s ability to regulate body temperature, keep cool

15 August 2023

11 Aug 2023 The Guardian.jpg

The Guardian

‘We’re in serious trouble’: Why a hotter world will be bad for our health

11 August 2023

25 Jul 2023 CNA.jpg

Channel News Asia

New advisory with recommendations on how to deal with rising temperatures

25 July 2023

25 Jul 2023 8World.JPG

8 World 新闻网

狮城有约 | 十分访谈:高温天气怎么防暑?

25 July 2023

24 Jul 2023 ST.JPG

The Straits Times

National heat stress advisory launched as world hots up

24 July 2023

12 Jul 2023 SafeTea First.jpg

World of Safety and Health Channel

SafeTea First Podcast: Heat Stress

12 July 2023

01 Jul 2023 ST.JPG

The Straits Times

Beating the heat a growing challenge for seniors, outdoor workers

01 July 2023

1 Jul 2023 (2) ST.JPG

The Straits Times

If a major El Nino hits, how prepared is Singapore

01 July 2023

1 Jul 2023 CNA.JPG

Channel News Asia

IN FOCUS: How will 40°C weather affect daily life in Singapore?

01 July 2023

14 Jun 2023 Yahoo.JPG

Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore

Dealing with Singapore's heat: Are you doing it right?

14 June 2023

05 Jun 2023 WSH Council.JPG

WSH Council

WSH Forum on Heat Stress Management 2023

05 June 2023

21 May 2023 ST.JPG

The Straits Times

Athletes training in extreme heat: ‘It gets to us, no matter how fit we are’

21 May 2023

17 May 2023 ST.JPG

The Straits Times

Ice slurries one option being tested to keep construction workers cool

16 May 2023

08 May 2023 RedAnts.JPG



08 May 2023

07 March 2023 GHHIN.JPG

Global Heat Health Information Network

Global Heat Health experts gather to advance life-saving knowledge and action

07 March 2023

Nov 2022 NY Times.JPG

The New York Times

Extreme heat will change us

November 2022

26 Oct 2022 ST.JPG

The Straits Times

Nearly 100 scientists call for health-centred response to climate change: Report

26 October 2022

2 Aug 2022 CNN.JPG


For Asia's migrant workers, extreme heat is 'a matter of life and death'

02 August 2022

12 Jul 2022 KBS WORLD Korea24.JPG


Heat stroke, its causes and how we can mitigate it from a personal and occupational viewpoint

12 July 2022

12 Jul 2022 ST.JPG

The Straits Times

What highly active people eat may raise their risk of heat stroke: Report

10 July 2022

17 Jun 2022 ZaoBao.JPG


研究:改善饮食营养习惯 有助防范劳累性中暑

17 June 2022

13 June 2022 TIME.jpg


What extreme heat does to the human body

13 June 2022

11 Jun 2022 ST.JPG

The Straits Times


5 gadgets to help you keep your cool

11 June 2022

6 Jun 2022 Open Democracy.JPG

Open Democracy

Heat stress fears for migrant workers persist ahead of Qatar World Cup

06 June 2022

04 Jun 2022 CNA_edited.jpg

Channel News Asia

IN FOCUS: Feeling the heat? Why it will get even hotter, and what we can do about it

04 June 2022

25 May 2022 ST.JPG

The Straits Times

Singapore doctors caution against heat-related health risks as mercury rises

25 May 2022

20 May 2022 CNA938.JPG

CNA938 Full Story

Too Hot To Work

20 May 2022

13 Mar ST.JPG

The Straits Times

NUS scientists to study construction workers' risk of heat stress

13 Mar 2022

31 Oct ST.JPG

The Straits Times

S'pore medical students flag future health crises fuelled by climate crisis in podcast series

31 Oct 2021

21 Oct ST.jpg

The Straits Times

S'pore at risk of heatwaves, more dengue outbreaks as climate change worsens health woes: Report

21 Oct 2021

13 Aug CNA.JPG

Channel News Asia

As temperatures rise, outdoor workers, elderly and children are most at risk: Experts

13 Aug 2021

14 Jul The Guardian.JPG

The Guardian

Deadly heat: how rising temperatures threaten workers from Nicaragua to Nepal

14 Jul 2021

17 Jun NatGeo.JPG

National Geographic

Too hot to live: Millions worldwide will face unbearable temperatures

17 Jun 2021

Research Insights_ Tackling heat stress – Optimising human health and potential in a warmi


Tackling heat stress – Optimising human health and potential in a warming world

4 Mar 2021

Heatsafe Reuters News.png

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Can SE Asian workers take the heat? Researchers tackle rising temperatures

13 Jan 2021

Heatsafe News Straits Times.png

The Straits Times

3-year Singapore-led study to look at impact of heat on migrant workers, soldiers and others

8 Dec 2020


Aussie jobs that could become too dangerous to perform in future

27 Nov 2020

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